Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2003

01/06/2003 Monomania and the age of the openly ill
01/20/2003 All for the best in U.S. plan for war?
02/03/2003 Rx for war talk: an English assignment
02/17/2003 Looking backward from 2009
03/03/2003 On Iraq: What would Brando do?
03/17/2003 God, Humvees, and budget deficits
03/31/2003 Self-sacrifice, George II, and me
04/14/2003 The irrational exuberance of victory
04/28/2003 Straight talk on invasion of Canada
05/12/2003 Wesley Clark the Dubya remedy?
05/26/2003 Getting government back on our backs
06/09/2003 Understanding the $350 billion tax cuts
06/23/2003 Tax cuts for the rich: How would Jesus vote?
07/07/2003 Equality for gays: times are a-changing
07/21/2003 Bush landslide defeats doo-doo heads
08/04/2003 A great big joke on Christendom?
08/18/2003 Another interview in the dark
09/01/2003 Ten Commandments: foundation of our laws?
09/15/2003 Rice-Poindexter, one more time
09/29/2003 Why faculty liberals outnumber conservatives
10/13/2003 Humpty Dumpty politics, 21st century style
10/27/2003 Open Letter to John Ashcroft
11/10/2003 A democracy with a dynasty of clowns?
11/24/2003 Dancing and the downward spiral
12/08/2003 Newspapers a threat to sound sleep?
12/22/2003 Christmas, tightwads, and O. Henry