Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2002

01/07/2002 Finding the naked truth about wearing clothes
01/21/2002 Enron's real problem: offending Baseball Gods
02/04/2002 Paranoid worries about theocracy, plutocracy
02/18/2002 The irrational exuberance of grandfatherhood
03/04/2002 Naked justice from Attorney General's office
03/18/2002 Two cheers for deregulated free enterprise
04/01/2002 Forces of evil again threaten Nebraska
04/15/2002 Time for the M & H Solution in the Holy Land
04/29/2002 U.S. to unsign World Court treaty? WHAM!
05/13/2002 New game: ranking religions by SAT scores
05/27/2002 Criminal cuteness grounds for impeachment?
06/10/2002 Politics makes strange bedfellows—and all that
06/24/2002 Unmaned lions, balding males, and testosterone
07/08/2002 Big Guy talks about Pledge squabble
07/22/2002 Current news gets vital bodily fluids flowing
08/05/2002 LB775, alas, makes us all corporate partners
08/19/2002 A modest proposal: Gulf War with happy ending
09/02/2002 A legacy as President: Is he overreaching?
09/16/2002 On heroes, Chicken Hawks, and invading Iraq
09/30/2002 Preemption for preschoolers: a new fairy tale
10/14/2002 An open letter to the president
10/28/2002 Licensed ironologist ponders running for U.S. president
11/11/2002 Why GOP won: a post-election whine
11/25/2002 Stinky smells and the inner vulgarian
12/09/2002 Football news: an antidote to reality
12/23/2002 War and peace: a Christmas cacophony