Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1997

01/13/1997 No presidential wattles? Speak now or forever hold peace
01/27/1997 Prince Charles, Ebonics and the best dialect of them all
02/10/1997 Dumb down business booms at Counter-Intelligence Center
02/24/1997 Static cling, stud-muffin calendars, and professorial dignity
03/10/1997 Helping others find their way; An ecumenical perspective
03/24/1997 Twain and other authorities: Onanism not for public exhibition
04/07/1997 Understanding music: Did Grunge Rock make them do it?
04/21/1997 Looking back to 1997 and the origin of the Millennial Wars
05/05/1997 Spirituality at a Cards-Dodgers game, with Jackie stealing third
05/19/1997 Inner Cynic sees — horrors! — politics in March for Jesus
06/02/1997 Finding new roads to wealth: The senior citizen discount
06/16/1997 Surrendering to Creeping Charlie, getting back to Paradise
06/30/1997 Anti-government rant (circa 1970): Rice-Poindexter revisited
07/14/1997 Deep gloom descends over our Salacious Gossip Focus Group
07/28/1997 The way to advise executives: Tell them what they want to hear
08/11/1997 Mayor's actions designed to not ruin possible run for governor
08/25/1997 If Mozart Effect can help mice, think what it can do for humans
09/08/1997 Hard work pays off with reason for phobia: The King was a fink
09/22/1997 Road to the poorhouse paved with new, improved dental floss
10/06/1997 Potholes in the road back to fixed ethical standards
10/20/1997 Avert eyes and back away from campaign fund-raising scandal
11/03/1997 The end of baseball as we know it came without us knowing it
11/17/1997 Nebraska pride is one thing, God's sense of irony is quite another
12/15/1997 Religious debate leaves husband trapped in no man's land
12/29/1997 1997 Pinko Awards Banquet a depressing, gloomy event