Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2007

01/01/2007 Some New Year Thoughts
01/15/2007 Swearing in on the Koran
01/29/2007 Me and President Bush
02/12/2007 Anyone for a Bush, Jr. Library?
02/26/2007 Is this any way to talk about a president?
03/12/2007 A Case for Socialized Medicine
03/26/2007 My global warming nightmare
04/09/2007 Will it be Genesis or Science?
04/23/2007 Where have you gone, Mr. Robinson?
05/07/2007 Billy Moyers is back in town
05/21/2007 Feeling sorry for the President
06/04/2007 Time for us to own up
06/18/2007 Bush gets a break-finally
07/02/2007 Wear old uniforms with care
07/16/2007 Why Are We Still In Iraq? Oil?
07/30/2007 Time to mind our own business?
08/13/2007 Is It War or Infrastructure?
08/27/2007 Ted Sorensen, One More Time
09/10/2007 Ganging up on the president
09/24/2007 Kudos to Rev. Griffith, et. al.
10/08/2007 Feeling Sorry For the Prez Again
10/22/2007 Athletic confession time
11/05/2007 Time to rethink torture rules?
11/19/2007 Can't remember? Take a walk
12/03/2007 Warren Buffett, rich guy, good guy
12/17/2007 On the AK-47s and Other Dangers