Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2006

01/02/2006 Are things falling apart?
01/16/2006 Being nice to the tired and the poor?
01/30/2006 Tale of Two Warrant Officers
02/13/2006 High-tech cars in Geezerdom
02/27/2006 Heating our house with what?
03/13/2006 We're number one—in unprotected sex
03/28/2006 Feeling sorry for the president
04/10/2006 Stewing about national debt
04/24/2006 Why Rumsfeld is still around
05/08/2006 On tolerating the intolerable
05/22/2006 Telephone ethics: the good old days
06/05/2006 Sorensen recalls Camelot at Wesleyan graduation
06/19/2006 Bring on the Ice Cream Wars
07/03/2006 Where Does the Torture Buck Stop?
07/17/2006 An Anti-impeachment Argument
07/31/2006 Do frozen embryos equal live babies?
08/14/2006 Bad news, good news for Bush
08/28/2006 Kansas no longer over the rainbow?
09/11/2006 Remembering September 11, 2001
09/25/2006 More troubles for our president
10/09/2006 Why I'm not a CEO
10/23/2006 Time for the Lysistrata remedy?
11/06/2006 On Bush, Iraq, and epiphanies
11/20/2006 Cell phones threaten marital bliss?
12/04/2006 Who should fight? Who should decide?
12/18/2006 Is the sky about to fall?