Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2005

01/03/2005 The Testosterone Wars revisited
01/24/2005 Have we lost our way?
01/31/2005 On forehead rental and other signs
02/14/2005 Social Security: an English major response
02/28/2005 In defense of the president
03/14/2005 Yet Another Secular Serman
03/28/2005 The British are coming!
04/11/2005 Kooser a cure for crankiness
04/25/2005 English major advice on Social Security
05/09/2005 The Academic Wars revisited
05/23/2005 Bush needs mommy smarts?
06/06/2005 Let's get off the President's back
06/20/2005 Fruit flies, genes, sexual orientation
07/04/2005 Democracy for Everyone?
07/18/2005 A religious take on gays, Iraq
08/01/2005 A WWII lesson to learn
08/15/2005 Ned, the one-eyed beagle, revisited
08/29/2005 The president and "intelligent design"
09/12/2005 When Plan A fails, time for Plan B?
09/26/2005 The Naked Truth about childbirth
10/10/2005 A new pastime: forgiving Republicans
10/24/2005 Garden tomatoes the remedy?
11/07/2005 Newton theory explains politics?
11/21/2005 Cost of Iraq minute: $100,000?
12/05/2005 Divine Intervention in KU games?
12/19/2005 Re-Christianizing Christmas?