Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2004

01/05/2004 The growing threat of Mad Cow Disease
01/19/2004 President being ganged up on?
02/02/2004 Old cars and why to keep driving them
02/16/2004 Advice to president from a non-hero
03/01/2004 The nightmares of political paranoia
03/15/2004 Trying to defend Defense of Marriage
03/29/2004 Laughing ourselves crazy
04/12/2004 Bad news: Dogs being humanized
04/26/2004 Mack the Knife is back in town?
05/10/2004 Exercising the Grandbaby Option
05/24/2004 One more letter to the President
06/07/2004 Revenge is what it's all about
06/21/2004 We're a shining city on a hill? Look out!
07/05/2004 Cheney's real obscenity
07/19/2004 And yet more advice to the president
08/02/2004 Re-electing Bush: a modest proposal
08/16/2004 Another Solomonic solution
08/30/2004 On GOP's cloistered virtue
09/13/2004 It's the electoral vote, Stupid
09/27/2004 One more time: Why Iraq?
10/11/2004 Negative enthusiasm Kerry's best bet?
10/25/2004 Religion, war, and the election
11/08/2004 Questions for the second term
11/22/2004 Did he say "wisened" or "wizened"?
12/06/2004 First Iraq, then Canada?
12/20/2004 Any rules for enhancing performance?