Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 2000

01/10/2000 Getting to know George W.
01/24/2000 Verily, Bruno sayeth unto us: Different's OK
02/07/2000 Leveling the playing field: A modest proposal
02/21/2000 Comic Relief not an Issue
03/06/2000 Imagine a race, role reversal
03/20/2000 Higher gas prices a violation of devine intent?
04/03/2000 No column was written
04/17/2000 A eulogy for a headstron, disobedient, one-eyed dog
05/01/2000 Sermon on the Mount addendum plays havoc
05/15/2000 Another Self-Evident Truth has turned out not to be true
05/29/2000 Amendment banning same-sex marriage is a civil rights travesty
06/12/2000 I'm a beliver in what I believe to be inerrant
06/26/2000 On female sensibilities and moving emotions
07/10/2000 Register cars and soon only criminals will drive
07/24/2000 Don't foul constitution with our phobias
08/07/2000 What this race really needs: More gravitas
08/21/2000 Smartypants, dummydrawers debate death tax
09/04/2000 What price homophobia?
09/18/2000 By George, it was "@#$*&" Cheney's fault
10/02/2000 Bush wins! Compassionate Majority suspected
10/16/2000 Rx; A President Different from You and Me
10/30/2000 Defending marriage from left-handed attack
11/13/2000 Composting: Sweet things out of corruptions
11/27/2000 Not a bad way to start Thanksgiving week
12/11/2000 Christmas guns and other male fantasies
12/25/2000 Christmas charity for the president-sort-of-elect