Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1999

01/11/1999 Travels with Ned tough on the senses
01/25/1999 With luck, a way back into this Impeachment Mess
02/08/1999 Starr, Flynt and nation should say enough is enough
02/22/1999 Trying to imagine Brad Pitt singing for Ms. President
03/22/1999 A look at the history of women
04/05/1999 The price one pays for living The Frugal Lifestyle
04/19/1999 A test on foreign policy: How many more crying children?
05/03/1999 Changing what we can
05/17/1999 Palindromes, suck-egg mules, baseball lore erode memory
05/31/1999 Apology in order: NRA was right
06/14/1999 Pat's ecclesiastical homophobia costs him
06/28/1999 House digitally alters visage of school violence
07/12/1999 Advise from a three-year-old: Just close your eyes
07/26/1999 An now, the End is near; Eternal Truths no longer certain
08/09/1999 Dr. Dobson, sexist theology and boy cooties
08/23/1999 Short attention spans result in anti-evolution vote
09/06/1999 On the genetic playing field, even one-eyed beagles are the winners
09/20/1999 Reflections on a role model for our times: Narcissus
10/04/1999 Mona's right: Good news beats lamentations
10/18/1999 Wrath of the right visited upon the impious
11/01/1999 Some plutocrats are more equal than others
11/15/1999 Big Red poetry found: Shakespeare a suspect
11/29/1999 Leviticosis Becomes Epidemic
12/13/1999 State has too much gambling ground to stand on
12/25/1999 Hearing choir sing 'Ave Maria' in Latin was an epiphany