Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1998

01/12/1998 Automotive crisis during Rockies holiday: domestic discord revealed
01/26/1998 Some pre-game reflections on morality of Super Bowl outcome
02/09/1998 Telling the kids about Naughtygate
02/23/1998 And still more Naughtygate innuendo, half truth and rumor
03/09/1998 Photographic evidence of Poor Old Booger Brain Shrinkage?
03/23/1998 Ecclesiastical homophobia: Imagining what Huck would say
04/06/1998 Similarities in governor's races: Nebraska 1998, Alabama 1962
04/20/1998 Researchers, wife say testosterone nothing more than 'sissy juice'
05/04/1998 A winning progression: Low taxes to no taxes to negative taxes
05/18/1998 Here's a thought; What if Monica was lying to Linda?
06/01/1998 On being straight, gay or bisexual: When do we make the choice?
06/15/1998 Goldwater's head cleared considerably over the decades
06/29/1998 God finds Pat a Holy Hoot
07/13/1998 Submitting to the Southern Baptists' plan — graciously
07/27/1998 My mind's been acting up lately.
08/10/1998 Hell is more than other people, it's eternity with TV evangelists
08/24/1998 Professional President Pursuers also have places in Dante's hell
09/07/1998 Apocalypse now, or at least in the next few decades
09/21/1998 Finding humor in sex scandal
10/05/1998 Story about pill leads to yet another sex-and-intern confession
10/19/1998 Waiting for Carlos: A lament for a writer dying too young
11/02/1998 Larry's looking for the lovelorn in all the high places; Ken, too
11/16/1998 Celebrate the Pilgrim myth, but praise the First Amendment
11/30/1998 Mulching: Time for another smug autumn activity
12/14/1998 Impeachment, like sex, is too much distraction
12/28/1998 Even unindicted libertines have a voice in the 1998 Pinko Awards