Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1996

01/01/1996 The 1995 Pinko Awards: Republicans dominate again
01/15/1996 '96 resolution: To scoop poop and/or run for the presidency
01/29/1996 School prayer OK if it doesn't come out of the closet
02/12/1996 Open letter to a man whose windshield I kicked snow on
02/26/1996 Leviticus reconsidered: Here's a more inclusive interpretation
03/11/1996 Third Personese: Kansas talk, Bozo talk or political talk?
03/25/1996 Wallstreet Panic Snopes breaks the stock market code
04/08/1996 Holy Macarena! Dances are coming! Dances are coming!
04/22/1996 The shrinking male brain and remembrances of colds past
05/06/1996 Bob Dole's real problem: The winds of western Kansas
05/20/1996 Hillary's October Surprise: Operation Yahweh Speaks
06/03/1996 Hypothetical state of affairs puts straight folks in closet
06/17/1996 Go right, go left — that's the Tricky Dick Quickstep
07/01/1996 Stressing out: An English teacher spells 'aphrodisac'
07/15/1996 Anonymous source: CREEP crept into Clay County
07/29/1996 Staying home from Olympics; A modern Greek tragedy
08/12/1996 Struck dumb by New Deal reshuffle: Who gets handouts?
08/26/1996 What Lincoln, Clinton have in common: Anti-war protests
09/09/1996 Give me a candidate who owns up to past wickedness
09/23/1996 Blessed be, the institution of matrimony has been saved
10/07/1996 Whose money is it? Bob Dole speaks to the inner child
10/21/1996 Impious questions about Coalition, Founding Fathers, God
11/04/1996 The horrible truth: Blessing beagles an exercise in futility
11/18/1996 Driving deep to fathom the Clinton-Limbaugh conspiracy
12/02/1996 Making the No-Sweat List: Blind luch or good judgment?
12/16/1996 Doomsday Spiral gets in the way of Christmas Shopping
12/30/1996 Membership A-twitter at 1996 Pinko Awards Banquet