Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1995

01/02/1995 Pinko Awards for '94 send liberals into hiding
01/16/1995 Don't let it out, but even even English teachers go Big Red
01/30/1995 PBS, free market gospel don't mix
02/13/1995 Reptile remnant source of boy talk
02/27/1995 Rules for dismantling government
03/13/1995 Execution: Bleeding heart response
03/27/1995 'O trickledown' Newt's anthem
04/10/1995 PC War: Dittoheads vs. PBS
04/24/1995 Coming soon: Ben on a billboard?
05/08/1995 Predators answer turkey's call
05/22/1995 It's that time of year again
06/05/1995 Anthropomorphism rides again
06/19/1995 Being a Real Men is no picnic
07/03/1995 Desecration needs interpretation
07/18/1995 New Wheeler Deal is a rerun
07/31/1995 Art's: Soul food for the family
08/14/1995 The climactic close for VJ Day on a fiery homefront
08/28/1995 Beyond the V-chip; A low-tech alternative for your TV
09/11/1995 Yet another insidious thret appears on the silver screen
09/25/1995 'All in the Family,' circa 1995; why aren't we laughing?
10/09/1995 So the World Series is coming — so who really cares?
10/23/1995 Dynasty Lives! Gender Insecurity Syndrome sets in
11/06/1995 Gluti Maxima and the Law of Multiple Purposes
11/20/1995 Here's hunting's dirty little secret: It's an aesthetic experience
12/04/1995 Official languages not enough; we need official dialect
12/18/1995 Christmas, 1940: Abandonment and redemption in L.A.