Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1993

01/04/1993 Presidency, broken leg lose appeal when weisenhiemers get into act
01/18/1993 Depression-era babies won't ever hear mermaids' singing
02/01/1993 High-tech bread erodes virtue, tasty too
02/15/1993 Sexual orientation: A male explanation
03/01/1993 Reform — hardest part is starting out
03/15/1993 Dropping Cablevision
03/29/1993 Discovering ethnic diversity, circa 1954
04/12/1993 Approval of anthropomorphism could lead to 'Bad Dog' revolution
04/26/1993 Final exams a twitchy time in world of academics
05/10/1993 Should deities have the right to bear arms?
05/24/1993 Jock rhetoric upsets moral equilibrium
06/07/1993 An inoculation for wickedness
06/21/1993 Father's Day ritual: The Martyr Game
07/06/1993 Celebrate civilian control of military
07/19/1993 My homefront remembrance — a half-century after the fact
08/02/1993 Military homophobia: Donít ask, donít tell
08/16/1993 Midwestern floods the result of a Devine Temper Tantrum?
08/30/1993 Gender equity confronts 'genetic destiny'
09/13/1993 Still another left Wing plot uncovered
09/27/1993 His Magnificence gets no respect
10/11/1993 Getting free enterprise off our backs
10/25/1993 Can Mozart cure dumb thoughts?
11/08/1993 Medically activated tax refund, anyone?
11/22/1993 Finding out the Way it is — 30 years ago
12/06/1993 Barney the dinosaur, rubber mallets, flabby minds and New Age demons
12/20/1993 The tree that fell from the Sky