Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1992

01/13/1992 If an Infiniti rusts, what shall a Yugo do?
01/27/1992 Riding Ackley Effect to a second term
02/10/1992 Domestic policy: Let the good times roll
02/24/1992 Spring high point for sexual politics
03/09/1992 Say it isn't so: Boy at a baby shower?
03/23/1992 Military prepares one for important issues
04/06/1992 Did FDR take a nip during Prohibition?
04/20/1992 Is Nation Ready Yet for Candid Candidates?
05/04/1992 Male aging angst: Causes and treatment
05/18/1992 'Bigot' appears to be on the road to recovery — or is he?
06/01/1992 Expensive motels spoil wicked dog
06/15/1992 Maternal grandparents' job civilizing newborns — expert
06/29/1992 VICE agents conspire to make Danny look like chowderhead
07/13/1992 Old Brooklyn Dodger fan sees diabolic plot in Bush decline
07/27/1992 Summer vacation and Clinton’s call
08/10/1992 Time at Paradise Regained is clean
08/24/1992 Why re-elect George Bush? An unabridged list of reasons
09/14/1992 The intern did it: The unmaking of a president — 1992
09/28/1992 Which founding fathers? Theocrats?
10/12/1992 Revisiting the second grade and exploits of Chris Columbus
10/26/1992 Is President Bush a victim of the cultural elite media?
11/09/1992 Manly Virtues, Freudian fears, high testosterone and low IQ
11/23/1992 Bipartisan voodoo hits prez, me
12/07/1992 Clear your head for heaven on earth
12/21/1992 Hark the herld angles of '46