Leon Satterfield

The Truth, Mainly - 1990

04/24/1990 Teen-agers, hormones and water towers
05/07/1990 One-eyed beagles and the gift of grace
05/21/1990 Father was a 'dash man,' but genes not passed on
06/04/1990 And then the oboe smirked and said …
06/18/1990 Does a military uniform cause the wearer to 'blow a fuse?'
07/02/1990 Fireworks reach deep into human psyche
07/16/1990 'Marlboro man' has advice on the right way to brew beer
07/30/1990 'Modern-day Thoreau' just another flunky in vacation home project
08/13/1990 Indoor Plumbing in Paradise
08/27/1990 Pompoms, embarrassment sprout during 'cheerleading season'
09/10/1990 Military strikes to preserve cheap zucchini?
09/24/1990 How not to save money durring an oil crisis
10/08/1990 Football doesn't build much character with 'The Big Fullback' bearing down
10/22/1990 Dealing with the ‘Third Person Imperial’
11/05/1990 Woodburning stove project fills the home with warmth, smoke
11/19/1990 Send sons, daughters of government officials as deterrent to war
12/03/1990 The most dangerous addiction? It's simple — The Dumb Easy Fix
12/17/1990 Nightmares, realities of retrieving Christmas decorations from attic
12/31/1990 George Bush no longer a wimp; tough talk to be taken seriously